Foods Reflection

These two labs were both awesome! ill start off with the waffles, both waffles were good the taste and texture was all there, but i feel we needed some sort of sauce or drink to go with it to really enhance the flavor of the waffles. The cheese was really good also im not a huge cheese fan but with all the spices we put in it tasted great just to much on here and there! I chose these two labs over any of the others because i feel like we put so much effort into these labs, and they both payed off, everyone at least in my group enjoyed the waffles and cheese. during this lab we all worked well together everyone got along were all friends in this class so there was no problems with us, and food wise everything went smoothly, well at least i can remember. If i was to do the waffles  again like i said i would get some sort of sauce to pour over the waffles maybe like a raspberry filling or some sort of berry, or also a drink would have worked very well. For the cheese i feel that the only thing you could have changed was the spices, not that the cheese we made was bad, but i feel that if you wanted to try different things you could experiment with the spices to get a different taste until you find the one that you love.

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