Information Fluency


Scott helmhold                  English 9                     Block b

How to know a webpage is reliable!

  1. There are none or not a lot of advertisements popping up on the website.
  2. The website gives credit to who ever they got their information from.
  3. It is easy to contact who ever created the website, it is easy to find their information.


How to get there :

Go to the homepage for riverside

Select the library category

Log in to your SD43 account

Click the button that says Click Here

Press academic search premier

press publications

search what your interested in.




Salad Rolls

I couldn’t get the pictures uploaded but they are on fresh grade


1.Yes because when i was looking at the ingredient i saw all healthy options and after putting it all together it tasted very well, so yes i did enjoy this lab.

2.i would add onions to the salad rolls because i think it would add another great taste and it would also help the salad rolls be very healthy still.

3.Deep frying is not good for us because it is high in saturated fat and it is also high in calories and requires a lot of oil.