Victorian Era



In my opinion we had less continuity than change because we still do a lot of the same thing just differently for example instead of reading a paper book people read book online, or instead of the majority the people going to plays most people go to the movie theatres. I picked very materialistic and spent money on clothes, accessories, fine furnishing because people back then brought item to show their social status and people now a day do the same thing to ether look rich/cool. But over all the most continuity is for entertainment and social class reasons. People in the Victorian and Today still listen to music, play games and dance for entertainment, one reason for social class is that a lot of people still immigrate to Canada but have a hard time adjusting and life hard lives. 


We have changed a lot over the years, like we made better transportation. Transportation has changes a lot now we have faster commutes and more reliability on the new mobiles of vehicles, for example some of the vehicle we use for transportation are airplanes, cars, sky trains, buses and more. In the Victorian Era they had to rely on slow train and carriages. I chose clothing as one of my changes because back than women had to ware dresses and men had to ware suit, I think I changed a lot because now people can ware what every they want like women could ware sweat pants and a hoodie and men could ware ripped jeans and a button up shirt.

Over all I thing a lot of stuff do still do now a day is just modified like now we read book and articles online.  


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Mystery Powder


Chart 1: Qualitative Observations

Test A B C D E Mystery X Mystery Z
Appearance Pure white tiny grains

Looks like salt



Shiny rough white crystals

Looks like sugar

Powdery pure white molds together but not that well

reminds me of cornstarch

Its powdery and it can easily mold together its white and It looks like whole wheat flower small Grainy  Pure white and is powdery Thin pure white powder that molds  together a little bit It’s a mix between powdery and grainy its like soft sand
Dissolves in Water



It dissolves in the water a little bit It dissolves in the water It sat above the water and slowly sank in it became thick I sat above and slowly sank in  it became squishy It dissolved It became hard


It became watery
Heated in Aluminum foil


Stayed the same It first change color to a light brown and started to boil then when it cooled down it became hard like a rock It burned It turn a beige but didn’t burn not as bad has some other ones Stayed the same Stayed the same Stayed the same
Universal Indicator



It became yellow and orange with red dots It became mostly red and the outside yellow It became orange and it absorbed the indicator It became yellow It became a dark green with a hint of yellow It became light green with I tiny bit of yellow It became yellow and sank into the substance
Iodine Solution



It seeped through fast It seeped through fast It sat above the power and ate away at it made the color brown

Hard goo

It sat above than slowly seep in  and has a little bit of foam It seeped in fasted It seeped in slowly and changed the color brown It sat above for the longest and turned a little bit brown it became hard



It just absorbed it It absorbed it It became a hard and thick substance It became gooey thick It raised and bubbled It raised and bubbled Became soft and foamy



Chart 2: Identifying Chemical and Physical Changes

Test A B C D E Mystery X Mystery Z
Dissolves in Water


p p c c p p p
Heated in Aluminum foil P p c
Universal Indicator


c c c c c c C
Iodine Solution


p p C C p C C



p p c c c c c
  1. Explain the difference between a chemical and physical change.

The difference between a chemical and physical change, is chemical change is when an object is mixed or made into a new material or structure, for example when you add vinegar to baking soda it is a chemical change because you are adding a substance to the original matter. Physical change is when the matter looks different but didn’t change the product or didn’t add a chemical to it. For example when you take ice out of the freezer and melts, it changes physically because it looks different, but if you put it back in the freezer it turns back into ice, or when you break your mug it physically looks different but the material of the mug stayed the same. So the difference is a chemical change is when you add a new chemical and is changes product or structure and a physical change is when it looks different but it is still the same thing.


  1. For unknown D, explain the results of each test, including what you saw and whether what you saw was a chemical or physical change.  

The appearance before I did any testing was a powder like substance and the powder was easily moldable, the colour of unknown D was white with a slightest tinge of brown. In my opinion and others it look like whole wheat flour because of the texture and the tinge of brown. The dissolves in water test showed that the powder was dense because the water didn’t sink in for a while, once it sank in unknown D became squishy. For if it dissolves in water, I said it was a chemical change because the powder became squishy and you can’t reverse the change. For the heating in Aluminum unknown D turned a beige colour, after a while it started to burn, but not as bad as some of the other matters.  I said from that test D did a chemical change because when you burn something you can’t reverse it, like when wood burns and it makes ash you can’t turn ash back into wood. The universal indicator test made unknown D change its colour from whiteish brown to yellow, that means it’s a chemical change because it occurs that there was some kind of reaction that happen to make the colour change. Unknown D reacted to the Iodine Solution by foaming up a tiny bit and unknown D also kept the Iodine Solution from seeping in for a little bit. Unknown D got a chemical reaction because it started to foam up when I poured the Iodine Solution, it’s a chemical change because you can’t change what happens to the powder. The vinegar test showed that it was a chemical change because the powder turned into thick goo like Oobleck which makes it a chemical change because you can’t reverse goo into powder. Unknown D had all chemical changes.


  1. Based on your results identify which two powders make up Mystery Powder X and which two powders make up Mystery Powder Z?

Based on my results I think the two substance that make up X was D and A because A had a tiny grain like texture like salt and the colour was pure white. D had a powder texture and D is the same colour as X. In my opinion X has a mix of those characteristics because X has thin powder that barely molds together and it’s probably the grains from A stopping it from molding that well. Based on my results I think the two substances that make up Z is C and E because C is a pure white powder that does mold that well and E has small grains and is powdery. Z has the texture of a mix between powdery and thin grains it reminds me of soft sand, in my opinion its colour is a mix of C and E. That why I think X is D and A mixed and Z is C and E mixed.

  1. Explain any experimental sources of error from this lab (where could you have possibly made a mistake?)

A source of error I made was that I blew on the dish, to get the powder off the sides of it and all the rest of the powder on the dish went on my face when I should have just brushed it off.  I also made a mistake when I sat on the counter beside the burner, well I was watching it but I was nicely reminded that I should get off and I won’t do it again because I now relieze how it was dangerous.  


Experiment Project

Will bush beans grow faster if we water them with water or Fresca



I think the beans will grow faster with Fresca, because the carbonated drink club soda helps plants grow because it has nutrients like carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, phosphorous, potassium, sulfur and sodium that are good for plants, but sugar isn’t good for healthy growing plants because they will often reject it, stop drinking it and die off. But Fresca has no sugar. So, that’s why I think Fresca will help bush bean grow faster and taller.


Tips to help me grow bush beans:

  • try you make sure the soil isn’t wet all the time
  • try to keep beans out of the shade
  • try to water the bean in the morning
  • don’t over water



The plan is to buy bush bean seeds and plant them into their own pot and to watch them grow over the next couple of weeks.  Water three with Fresca and three water, to see which beans will grow faster.


  1. Buy the beans, soil, paper cups as pots, Fresca and a bottle of water
  2. Poke holes into the bottoms of the cups
  3. Fill the cups with soil
  4. Plant the beans by using the hole method
  5. First stick your middle and index finger about an inch and half into the soil
  6. Put the bean right beside your fingers, so when you take your finger out of the soil the bean will fall in by its self
  7. After that tap the seed softly just so it position firmly in the soil
  8. Last step is to cover the hole by putting a little bit of soil over the hole and patting very softly.
  9. Water the seed with about one inch once a week with water/Fresca



What equipment will I use to record our data?  To record our data I will take a picture every day to show the beans growth. I will also measure the beans every day and make a chart to record the growth.


The risk is that the beans might not grow because it’s getting colder outside and it will be fall when I do my project. There are no safety concerns.


I think it’s ethical to see if Fresca makes bush beans grow faster because Fresca isn’t harming anything. There are no environmental issues because Fresca bottles are recyclable and Fresca has no harsh chemicals. I think that the First Peoples might not like that I’m using Fresca because it’s not natural like water.


Line graph: this graph shows the beans growth in 18 days and how they drop in growth and grew clearly, because it is one big line. On the x axis it shows what days they are growing at but you don’t really need that because it’s in one line, it also show which bean belongs to which color. The y axis shows the height of the bean measured in centimeters. The relationship between the variables are the days and the height and this shows that between the 7 and 12 days  the bean grew really fast and started to slow down afterwards, it also shows when the beans start to shrink near the end.

Column chart: This chart shows the beans growth over 18 day and how tall they grew or how much they shrunk in centimetres. The x axis shows each day the beans grew. It also shows what color goes with what bean, for example the color yellow goes with fresca 1. The y axis shows the height of the beans measured in  centimeters. The beans that were given water had more inconsistencies then the ones that were fed Fresca, for example bean 1 was doubling in size every day until day 10 where it started to slow down, on day 11 it grew an even smaller amount, then we got to day 12 and bean 1 had a big growth spurt and shrunk the next day. On day 14 the bean got back on track where it was a little taller than it was on day 12. On day 16 it had another drop in growth, the next day it grew a little more and shrunk again.


Overall I think my findings didn’t support my hypothesis because the Fresca didn’t make the beans grow faster, but it did make them grow more consistently so if you are in a the jungle and all the have is Fresca and bush bean seed use the Fresca to water your bean and you should have healthy growing bush beans. My evidence based conclusion is that I first asked my partner questions about what is our question going to be and after that who is going to look after the plants.  I ended up looking after the plants by watering them once a week, taking pictures every day and measuring them every day. The research came next, I first had to research if Fresca would help the plants grow faster and it should because of its nutrients and it doesn’t have sugar. After that I had to look up what method we would like to do.  We picked the hole method because it seemed like the easiest one to do and I want to see the beans sprout out of the soil. Then we had to make an hypothesis.  Our hypothesis was will bush bean grow faster, if we water them with Fresca or water. We tested are hypothesis by doing our plan, which was to plant six beans and water three with Fresca and the other with water and see what beans grew faster. How we would see which bean grew faster. I took pictures and measured the beans once a week. When we were done testing our hypothesis I analyzed by making and line graph and column chart to see how much they grew or shrunk. I concluded that the chart worked well with my data I used because it shows the beans beside each other growing so you can see the difference in height. But I think the line graph shows a better understanding of the beans growth because you can see it growth in a pattern, rather than how much it grew each day like the column chart, you could almost see it like a time line. I think the chart shows their measurement in growth better and the graph shows what happens in the bean overall like what beans shrunk or grew more. I shared my results by putting it on Edublog. It was kind of confusing that Fresca 3 starts as one of the smallest plants and ended up as the tallest one in the end. If I could do something differently I would measure the plants in centimetres first, not inches because it was annoying to have to convert it and I would also rotate the plant so they could get equal sunlight.



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SMART Goal Reflection

My goals were to take 3 minutes showers for 5 days and to only use containers in my lunch for 3 days. I achieved my showering for 3 minutes goal by setting a 3 minute timer right before I turn on the water and when the timer went off I shut the water off. I achieved my only using containers in my lunch for 3 days by setting a reminder on my phone at 5:00 pm. The most challenging thing about taking 3 minutes showers is that I had to hop into the shower even if the water was cold, because if I waited for the water to get warm my shower would only be a minute and a half long.  Another thing is when I washed my hair I had to rush because I had to get all the soap out of my hair before the timer went off. The most annoying things about only using containers in my lunch, is when it was lunch time I had to take the containers around with me, instead of just throwing a zip lock bag into the garbage. It was also annoying when I had to make my lunch because I had to wash the container each time. I would probably do the container one differently by have containers ready and washed in advance. I will not continue do the take 3 minute showers because I like to have baths but I will continue only or mostly packing containers in my lunch because over all it wasn’t that bad and it will save money in the future.      

Water Quality

Coquitlam River

We started off at the Coquitlam River, from a glance It looked clean and had a pretty good current to it. The river had no odour and it was clear. The use of the land is for swimming, fishing, gates park, the homeless and Riverside. The riparian zone has a lot of trees, vines, grass and the ground is thick mud. It is about 20 meters long until you get to the side walk. The bank is sloping and is made out of compacted dirt with a combination of weeds and grass, the bank also has a lot of root of the trees nearby. The water moved briskly and caused my parter to be unstable and the substrate didn’t help either because it is made out of small stone that are a little slimy and the shore line is made out of gravel.

Chemical Analysis

The river had cool water temperatures witch means there is a risk for your fish having disease which is bad because we have a lot of people who come there to fish. The pH was neutral at a 6.5 which mean the pH is at an ok level, so its not as clean as your drinking water at home but it you take a sip by accident you will be ok.  The nitrate of the river is 3.33 which mean it’s in standards, if your nitrate is over standard it means there could be sewage, fertilizer, leaky cesspools and more in your river. Our nitrite level was 0.33 so it mean it is safe but if it did get higher then we could have a problem because nitrates make a bad illness called brown blood disease that carry in fish and 1 nitrites can seriously hurt babies under the age of 3 months. The hardness of the water was soft which is better then harder water. The carbonate was 20 so it means it is soft.


I only found one invertebrate and it was in a puddle right beside the river. The invertebrate was a water strider and they live in still water. The water strider stays on the surface of the water and when it moves it looks like its jumping across the water.


I think some problems about the river,  are that there are a lot of homeless people that live there and leave needles and clothes which could contaminate the river. Also I found a lot of garbage witch I think can be fix if we put a trash can down closer to where the river is.

Conclusion about the river 

Over all I think the river is clean and is a fun place to hang out and swim in, but if you want the river to stay that way leave it better then you left it.

Oxbow Pond

The Oxbow Pond had an interesting smell of sewage and chlorine. Also the water had a brown tint to it. I would say that that over all the clarity was between slightly turbid and turbid. The land is mostly use for Gates Park, homeless people, animals, path ways for walking, and for city cars. The riparian zone as lots of trees, log, brushes and thorns. The bank was very muddy and slippery it also had some pebbles mixed into the mud. There was no movement in the water, the bottom of the pond felt very squishy and hard to move in, it had a lot of logs and sticks to. The pond didn’t really have a shore line but there was a lot of leafs near the edge.

Chemical Analysis

The water temperature was cold at a 9 ,which means there is a low fish disease risk and the pond has some plant life. The pH was also neutral at a 7 which means it is at a normal range of stream water. The Nitrate was 13, that mean it is over standards and could possible have sewage, fertilizer runoff, manure runoff, car exhaust and more, that doesn’t should clean to me. The nitrite at the pond was 1, so it mean it is safe but if it did go over one, don’t fish because the fish could have diseases. The hardness of the pond was slightly hard, which mean it has a higher mineral content that the river. Last but not least is the carbonate was soft at a 24.


We found a couple of invertebrates including  this invertebrate that we at first thought is was a damselfly but that creature has six legs in the front and two long legs that stick out in the back, and the damselfly has only six legs in the font of its body, also the damselfly as four wings that hang above its body .

The second invertebrates that somebody nicely let us take a photo with is some type of beetle, it has a six legs with a long narrow body and a pointy but also if you look closely you can see that the beetle might have two wings tucked in.


Some problems are that there are garbage and some items like chargers and clothes near the pond, I think that can be fix if Poco gets some works to clean it up once a week or people to volunteer and do it.

Conclusion about the pond

In conclusion I think the Oxbow pond is not that clean because the ph, nitrate, and hardness of the water was not in standards, but I think the pond is a fun place to catch bugs for science, just don’t swim in it.

Conclusion about the project 

Over all I think the project was really enjoyable, because it’s fun to do school work outside instead of being cooped up in a class room. Also I had a lot of fun finding bugs and exploring in the woods. I recommend this project to future classes.




Governing Quebec

As a British official, I realize there are many alternatives to governing Quebec. I have chosen the policy of Isolation to ensure the colony is properly run. I think Isolation will work the best because then they can keep there religion, language and ways of  life. I think it is also good because by keeping them separated we can avoid conflict and misunderstanding. It will also keep every thing in an orderly fashion because it will be a similar living style because the people they will be living with will speak the same language and have the same culture. another good thing about isolation is we don’t have to deport them. I decided not to do the Status – quo because that would mean the French would be the only people who would keep there laws, customs, language and religion, and I think that isn’t fair and could of caused a fight or even worse a war. I didn’t do assimilation because getting one culture to switch over to another almost never works, because most people don’t agree with other people culture because they have different believes or way of doing stuff. I also think by Isolating the different culture it will make more money for example the Native people can deal with the fur, the the French could farm and fish and the British could sell and trade for good. As I have outlined above, I believe the best policy for governing Quebec is Isolation. This will ensure that that the colony will remain under British control and provide wealth for our glorious country.