Victorian Era



In my opinion we had less continuity than change because we still do a lot of the same thing just differently for example instead of reading a paper book people read book online, or instead of the majority the people going to plays most people go to the movie theatres. I picked very materialistic and spent money on clothes, accessories, fine furnishing because people back then brought item to show their social status and people now a day do the same thing to ether look rich/cool. But over all the most continuity is for entertainment and social class reasons. People in the Victorian and Today still listen to music, play games and dance for entertainment, one reason for social class is that a lot of people still immigrate to Canada but have a hard time adjusting and life hard lives. 


We have changed a lot over the years, like we made better transportation. Transportation has changes a lot now we have faster commutes and more reliability on the new mobiles of vehicles, for example some of the vehicle we use for transportation are airplanes, cars, sky trains, buses and more. In the Victorian Era they had to rely on slow train and carriages. I chose clothing as one of my changes because back than women had to ware dresses and men had to ware suit, I think I changed a lot because now people can ware what every they want like women could ware sweat pants and a hoodie and men could ware ripped jeans and a button up shirt.

Over all I thing a lot of stuff do still do now a day is just modified like now we read book and articles online.  


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