Media Messages

In this ad it is advertising it is promoting  Maybelline mascara called “The Rocket Volume’ Express”.  In this particular ad they  are showing this beautiful woman clear skin with blue eyes and oh course its photoshopped however, some ignore the fact of this and think if I get this mascara I will look like this beautiful, youthful looking woman. This ad is trying to tell woman if you don’t have blond hair, blue eyes, nice lips you can have this mascara that could make you look like a model in the smallest way. Maybelline is showing that you need to have this mascara to feel better about yourself, which is simply untrue.  Every woman wants a soft, glowing completion and this ad is showing exactly that. This ad makes me feel like I need to have soft skin, blue eyes, and long lashes just to be beautiful, when in fact I don’t need to look like that but subconsciously I feel a need to because tis is what all brands of makeup, clothing, food/drinks, ect.. are doing.  The fact that this mascara makes your lashes up to 8x bigger, smoother, and even; but in my opinion 8x bigger lashes is unnatural and doesn’t do what it says it ill do (I’ve used this product before). The thing that m=bothers me most about this ad and Maybelline in general is their cahchfrase. “Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe its Maybelline?” which is almost trying to take away the nature  beauty of the person.

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