Exploring Waves Lab

Transverse Wave:  A wave that vibrates at a right angle. Shown by the pulling of the spring to one side at a right angle. 

IMG_8967 boyoy-scgua6

Periodic Wave: Regular timed disturbances in a medium. Displayed by the constant moving of the spring side to side.

IMG_8966 boyo-un2v09

Longitudal wave: A wave in the same direction as the motion provided. Displayed by the pulling back on the spring and letting go to create a line of movement.

IMG_8968 boy-23zh7k1

Pulse wave: A wave done only once, which creates a ripple effect in the medium. Displayed by the one time movement of the spring which then moved the spring all the way to the other end.

IMG_8965 bo-2dgpr72

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