Can boys wear skirts?

Boys wearing skirts
Its all fun and games till your dad finds you dancing in a mirror in a skirt with a razor in your hand. In the book “Sam The Athlete” by Surat McLean. A boy named Sam is a young athlete who is entering middle school and wants to play sports but he is not good at any, until he finds, “Field hockey!” said Sam “Hockey without skates. This, he thought, with the reckless faith of the hopeless, was the sport he had been looking for all his life. Right there, he decided he would try out.” Sam thought that after he got his new running shoes trying out for a field hockey team would be perfect because, he loved hockey, he just couldn’t skate. During tryouts Sam was amazing blocking everything. After the try outs “couch reached out and put her hands on Sams shoulders. She turned him around slowly. She read his name off the back of his jersey. “Sam, she said “Welcome to the team Sam.” Sam was so happy of those words coming out of a actual couches month but during practice Sam realized he was the only boy on the team so Sam had to choose between playing field hockey and wearing a skirt and not telling anyone or run away in the opposite direction and don’t say anything about what happened but when Sam went the couch said those words “ Welcome to the team Sam” was an amazing moment for Sam. Sam ended up picking playing field hockey because it made him feel amazing because he was finally good at a sport, Sam was so decidedly field hockey he even shaved his legs! One night Sam was standing in front of the mirror wearing his skirt practicing moves holding a razor but then Sam’s dad walked in and saw him wearing a skirt. And his dad came around and told him that Sam should come out and tell everyone about what he’s been doing and once Sam did, Sam found out it was a co-de team! Sam decided that he wanted to keep the wearing the skirt because he felt like he fit in. Should Sam continue skirt? Many say yes. Sam should be able to wear his skirt regardless of the fact that’s he’s a boy. If Sam feels comfortable and feels that he fits in on the team then Sam should. The fact that Sam is wearing a skirt or could set an example for others that hey don’t have to be how others fit in. In the end of they day Sam should be able to wear whatever he wants to wear if its shorts or a skirt, what ever Sam feels comfortable in the skirt he can then he can wear it if he wants to.

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