Taming of the Shrew Stop Motion Induction Scene Project”

In the play Taming of the Shrew written by William Shakespeare, a man by the name of Christopher Sly, goes to the Pub and orders a drink and another and another until he’s intoxicated and passes out in a ditch soon to be found by the lord and his huntsmen. They decide to mess with him, so they bring him to the Lords house and lay him in the finest chamber. Then the play begins.

In this project Sarah, Paris, and Kelsea. Sarah provided the technology and props, worked on storyboards, most editing, photographer, moved characters and did voice over. Paris did the treatment plan, photographer, and built tavern. Kelsea photographer, moved characters, worked on storyboards, wrote title cards and did voice overs.
In this project we used Stop Motion app to create the animated video of the induction scene from Taming of The Shrew instead of a film or stage performance, animation was used to bring a new light to this particular stage play.
A definition for Induction is, (used in this context) the introduction to the inset which is the play that occurs within the play.
A couple challenges we encountered during production was consistency, lighting, time, lack of knowledge in the area, and so on and so forth. We worked through all of these difficulties with teamwork and perseverance.
During this project we all learned that stop motion is a very difficult platform to use and that we have to spilt the work evenly so not one person is doing the majority of the work

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