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Mandala Project

1. Were you able to be an active listener and support & encourage others? Give an example.

Yes i was able to be an active listener and support & encourage others. An example would be when we were planning the layout of our project, and worked together to decide. I asked people what their opinions were and how they would go about doing certain things. At one point, we weren’t sure as to what the layout of the strand of mandalas. One of the girls that didn’t talk very often looked like she had an idea, but was too shy to say it. So i asked her what her thoughts were, and she came up with the layout we chose.

2. Were you able to hear different points of view & disagree respectfully? Give an example.

Yes i was able to here different points of view & disagree respectfully. I did so by listening to what others had to say, and if i didn’t agree i would suggest a different idea that would appeal to everyone. Usually involving a bit of what the person had suggested.

3. Reflect on how you were able to give, receive & act on feedback.

During the project, we had to following specific themes. Sometimes, someone would do something that didn’t work with the idea, and i would ask them to change something or work around it to make it better. Often, i would look around the table at my group mates’ work and find inspiration. If that failed, i would ask the person sitting beside me if they had any suggestions. I never got angry if someone suggested a way to improve my work.


4. How successful were you in working with others to achieve a common goal?

I found we were quite successful in working with others to achieve a common goal.There were a couple times that things were misinterpreted and we had to work around it, but as a group we made a finished project that was satisfactory to us. We successfully stayed within a common theme and colour scheme. We also collaborated on two-person mandalas that involved the both of us working together to make a single mandala.

5. What roles & responsibilities did you take on/in the group?

I took on a leadership role in my group, as i was with three international students. I was difficult to get a couple of them to talk, but it made decision making a little easier. I encouraged people to talk and made the larger decisions for the group. I talked for the group to the class, and got down to business when needed. I urged people to do their best and stay on task.