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Math Assignment Journal

For my math journal I’ll be using question #3 from the Relations and Functions unit. In questions 3, over the course of 10 years a high school collected data surrounding how much hot chocolate sold during different temperatures. We were given the formula N(t) = 150 – 10t, where N(t) is the number of hot chocolates sold during an average daily temperature of 3 degrees Celsius

When i first read the problem, i understood the concept and what the data was, but wasn’t positive what to do with it. But as i read the data and compared it to the question, it was clearer. Everything i needed to solve was included in the question, i just needed to put what i knew to work. I’m still a little foggy about the vocabulary but as i tried different ways i thought the question worked, it made more sense as to what the correct one was.

I’m a thinker, being that the longer i look at something the faster I’ll figure it out. If if i need a little help, I ask my friend what they did. As you read the question and understand how each piece of data corresponds with the question, plugging in the data only took a small amount of time.