Week 11 – Graphing Linear Inequalities in Two Variables

This week we learned how to graph inequalities with two variables. These inequalities are essentially forms of the equation y=mx+b, used to graph lines. The same idea can be applied to graphing the inequalities.

However depending on the inequality the line will either be broken or solid.

solid line = \leq or \geq

broken line = > or <

using the same idea as y=mx+b, we can find the slope, and the y-intercept.

“m” represents our slope, if it’s a whole number it can be read as \frac{n}{1} with “n” being your rise(y), and 1 being your run(x).

For instance: If you were to graph y>x+2, your y-intercept would be 2, and your slope would be \frac{1}{1}

It would look like this:

The area shaded, is figured out by testing x and y coordinates in your equation, until the equation is made true through the coordinates chosen.

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