Engineering Brightness Proposal

I think it is a very special opportunity to be able to have the chance to talk and collaborate with people across world , and it is  a neat way of learning about the light poverty in some parts of the Dominican Republic. Normscreenshot-10_li-14syv38ally if needed to contact people you would normally contact them by email  , but instead we used skype witch was very neat and excited and more personal way . So far we have participated in 2 skype chats . The first one on November 24th  with  Eladio and Dennis  from the Dominican Republic, witch we have learned about light poverty and the limited access to electricity conditions in the bateyes . Then the second skype chat on November 29th with Ian Fogarty and his students in New Brunswick , witch he gave us vital information as we move ahead with our plans to help supply lights for Dominican .The parts that interested me the most would half to be collaboration with diffrent people from across the world and country , getting tips and help with what has worked in the past and what hasn’t so we can lead to success faster!

fullsizeoutput_22My groups plan to help address  light poverty in the Dominican Republic . Our general idea is to raise a significant / reachable amount of money in order to supply our class with the correct needs to build the lights ! So far my group has been planning the ways we are going to fundraise . So far the fundraising part of our class has made a instagram and twitter account

@engineeringbritness , where we will be posting about our up coming fundraising events .




We so far have emailed the citadel middle teachers to ask if they would like to help fundraise , we currently have not had a

response yet . We are also in the mids of Contacting and Collaborating with the rapid change teacher. We have shared on Social

media the link to Mr.Robinsons my class needs , and hopefully people will start reaching out and donating .We think its a great

idea to get in touch with the rapid change teacher since they are the main fundraising group at riverside secondary . They could

help us spread the word about raising money to make lights in the Dominican Republic .


Here is a link Of our class needs If you need any further information or would like to donate .


2 thoughts on “Engineering Brightness Proposal

  1. Sarah! Wow, I’m very impressed. I am so excited to see how you do this, and follow through with your idea’s. Im ready for that bake sale, when will it be done?:)

  2. I really like the ideas you guys have to help fundraise for the project. I think that it’s a really good idea to create social media accounts to help spread the word of what we are trying to do and to get more attention to the problem. I like how you contacted other schools, to get help from there, since they could help with fundraising aswell. The link to donate was a good idea, good job.

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