Currents In The Kitchen

Prediction: I predict that the lemon will be the greatest at conducting electricity , because I think the acid in the lemon will play part to be a electrolyte.img_5822

Observation Of The Circuit Setup :

I noticed that all parts of the circuit has to be closed in order for the lightbulb to light up . It took my group awhile to figure out how the circuit was set up.

Results :

orange= 3 v ( volts)

apple = 2 v ( volts )

grape = 5v ( volts )

lemon = 7v (volts)

Observations/ End Result :

In conclusion i think my prediction was correct ! The more acidic foods the more they’ll conduct electricity  . The acid in the fruits  make ions / charged particles , when put in a solution with water ,witch lemons have much water in them .The ions from the acids are the same type as the ions in a electric current .










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