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MY PROBLEM:The biggest problem I am having in science right now would half to be the periodic table . Its a very big table with many elements on it  and finding the one you need may be very difficult to do ! For example printed periodic tables sometimes do not show all the information you need about the specific element, also having a printed out table you may loose it , rip it / wreck it . Having a digital copy would make life so much easier since it will always be right on the tip of your hands and wont get lost as easily as paper would .


MY SOLUTION Does this app explain the periodic table well ? Do you understand more about the periodic table and elements ? Is this app easy to use / understandable ? Is this app free ? Is it accessible on any device ?imgres


FINDING THE APP While searing the app store on my i phone and google play store I found this specific app that stood out to me ” The Periodic Table Project ” i found it very understanding and convenient . There were also a few more apps i found useful like mild elements , ielements , Periodic Table Element Quiz.


DEBRIEF I believe the app i chose did what it was supposed to do , I think this app explained everythiimgres-1ng very well and clear ! This app is a little time consuming because it involves lots of memorization so it all depends on how fast you learn and how fast you understand things . This app is a overall great app that ill be using in science !











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  1. Thanks for your review. You have given me a picture of the app and the Solution Fluency process in your review but a little more detail describing the app would be helpful. Your screenshots helped create a clear picture of the app. Good work.

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