Currents In The Kitchen

Prediction: I predict that the lemon will be the greatest at conducting electricity , because I think the acid in the lemon will play part to be a electrolyte. Observation Of The Circuit Setup : I noticed that all parts of the circuit has to be closed in order for the lightbulb to light up . It […]

In Time and SPACE

Define the problem in our own words.  Consider these thoughts: What is micro-gravity? Microgravity is when people / objects   seem to be weightless . (witch micro means very small). Microgravity is a very weak form of gravity witch means you would be able to move things that weigh over hundreds of pounds just with there finger prints […]

Salad Rolls !

Did you enjoy this lab? Why or why not? yes because I have never had or heard of a salad roll before in my life ! I very much enjoyed making this lab using a different type of roll and making the different type of sauce was very good! What reasonable (i.e. no candy!) thing would […]

Electricity Mind Map

  My 8 questions about electricity What is the Seattle point used for ? Why doesn’t electricity have a certain smell? Why is electricity harmful to our bodies? How are watts , volts , amps and Ohms all related ? Why are 2 wires always needed? Why do outlets have 3 holes ? Why can […]

Science App Review

MY PROBLEM:The biggest problem I am having in science right now would half to be the periodic table . Its a very big table with many elements on it  and finding the one you need may be very difficult to do ! For example printed periodic tables sometimes do not show all the information you […]