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Organisms of Each Kingdoms

Archaebacteria Methanocaldococcus Jannaschii: it is an autotrophic hyperthermophilic organism. They were found to live in extreme environments such as hypothermal vents at the bottom of the oceans in which water reaches boiling temperature or pressure is extremely high. They are… Continue Reading →

Nature vs Nurture in “I Stand Here Ironing” written by Tillie Olson.

Nature or nurture in the story “I Stand Here Ironing” written by Tillie Olson. Throughout the story, nurture is shown through Emily’s behavior more than nature. The mother has gone through many struggles such as divorce, giving birth to another… Continue Reading →

Chemical Periodicity

Atomic radius versus atomic number Which is the largest of the first 54 elements? Rubidium (0.216nm) Describe how the atomic radius varies within a period and within a family. The atomic radii vary across the periodic table. It generally decreases… Continue Reading →

Flame Test Lab

LiNO3 Zn(NO3)2  Ca(NO3)2  Cu(NO3)2 KNO3 Sr(NO3)2 In this lab we saw how different compounds would react with the flame of the bunsen burner. The multiple compounds would change the colour of the flame and each of them have a unque… Continue Reading →

The Great War Memory: The Dead Man’s Penny

The Dead Man’s Penny is a bronze memorial plaque from the World War I. It is an artifact that commemorates the death of a family member who fought in the First World War. The artifact tells us who was in… Continue Reading →

Making a Solution

Universities Should Lower the GPA Requirements

Universities should lower the GPA requirements and consider attributes that will benefit both the student and the community of the campus. Students passion and enthusiasm in the chosen subject is one of the attributes that a university should be taking… Continue Reading →

Real Motion Moments

Constant Velocity In the video above, it showed the horse walking, troting and galloping. When the horse is acting out the walk, it is walking with he same pace and does not speed of slow down. This also goes for… Continue Reading →

Mount Nyiragongo

We learned that there were not only one type of volcanoes, there are tree different types and they are composite, shield and rift eruption volcanoes. Located close to the eastern border of Congo, Mount Nyiragongo at the Virunga National Park… Continue Reading →

Tropical Rainforest

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