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Was the Police Officer Justified When He Killed the Man?

                  Receiving justification can be difficult. Especially when it is controversial. In the short story “Identities” written by W.D. Valgardson, initially, based on the title, you may think it is about someone who does not know who they. However, this… Continue Reading →

Exploring Waves Lab

Pulse Waves Non-repeating wave; single disturbance Periodic Wave wave recurring at regular intervals. it requires regular repeating disturbance Transverse Wave spring is pulled sideways (disturbance is at a right angle to the direction that the wave will travel Longitudinal Wave… Continue Reading →

Wave Interference: Constructive and Destructive Interference

Constructive Interference: Constructive interference is when two crest forms from different sources or from each end. this would cause the two crest to collide and when they do, they combine energies causing it to become a bigger crest. In other words,… Continue Reading →

SNR – SET BC Project


Newton Laws of Motion

Newton’s First Law Newton’s first law is the resistance to the change in motion. Meaning that if an object is at rest, it will continue to stay at rest. This also applies to if an object is in motion, it… Continue Reading →

STI Project

Genital Herpes

What Darwin Never Knew

The theory Darwin had was that all species are connected in the tree of life and believed the evolution exists. Therefore, natural selection occurs and variations within a species may happen. Over the years, technology has advanced and with that technology,… Continue Reading →

Organisms of Each Kingdoms

Archaebacteria Methanocaldococcus Jannaschii: it is an autotrophic hyperthermophilic organism. They were found to live in extreme environments such as hypothermal vents at the bottom of the oceans in which water reaches boiling temperature or pressure is extremely high. They are… Continue Reading →

Nature vs Nurture in “I Stand Here Ironing” written by Tillie Olson.

Nature or nurture in the story “I Stand Here Ironing” written by Tillie Olson. Throughout the story, nurture is shown through Emily’s behavior more than nature. The mother has gone through many struggles such as divorce, giving birth to another… Continue Reading →

Chemical Periodicity

Atomic radius versus atomic number Which is the largest of the first 54 elements? Rubidium (0.216nm) Describe how the atomic radius varies within a period and within a family. The atomic radii vary across the periodic table. It generally decreases… Continue Reading →

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