The first thing I did was to get familiar with DesmosĀ so that I become comfortable with it. I underestimated how much time was needed to create the image that I wanted. Before I started, I went through the workbook and looked up all the different kinds of functions that I need to include, and I wrote it down on a piece of paper, this way I don’t leave any functions out. I also drew out how I wanted the image to be so that the process would not take as long and it also gives me a rough idea of what kind of functions I will be using. Not going to lie, it created a bit of stress for me because at certain points I could not think of what to do with the log and radical functions. But, I decided to do the other parts of the cards first and took the time to think about what I could do for those two functions. When completed my portrait, I decided to add a Christmas tree and a snowman to add more to the holiday feel. I feel my portrait was not as unique as imagined it to be. However, I think the septum piercing I added made it more personal.

During the process, I found that sometimes I get stuck and I have to ask other people for ideas of how to incorporate the function into the image. My friend and I had worked on it together. However, sometimes they don’t know either and I just have to figure it out myself by playing around with the function on Desmos. The one thing I struggled the most was making sure the lines meet and connect, creating a perfect image. Sometimes it’s a little bit off and when I change it, it sometimes changes the whole structure of the function. One of the aha moments was trying to shade in the image, I had a bit of trouble doing that because, at one point, it did not want to fully shade the area. In the end, I figured it out and it and it made a huge part of the assignment easier. I did not really have a strategy, I just went with the flow of how things were going because, in the end, I found out that I did miss one function. I had to change up some stuff that I already had in to somehow fit the function into what I already had. I did not have a strategy before going into the assignment; I drew out the image I wanted to create and I just went for it. Ideas came to my mind the further I worked on the assignment. However, I did appreciate the fact Desmos allow you to create folders because it kept me organized throughout the process; it kept everything in its place. In the end, I enjoyed the assignment more than I initially imagined. Because originally, I was anxious and stressing over this assignment because I did not know how and where to start.

Nonetheless, I found that this assignment helped me a lot in refreshing my memory of all the different functions that we have learned so far in the course becauseĀ I had forgotten some from the earlier units. I am actually quite surprised at how it turned out because, in the beginning, I definitely thought that I was going to have a lot of trouble doing this assignment. But, I was really proud of myself at how it turned out, as well as it gave me a chance to review and self assess what I know and what I know and what I don’t know.