Universities should lower the GPA requirements and consider attributes that will benefit both the student and the community of the campus. Students passion and enthusiasm in the chosen subject is one of the attributes that a university should be taking in consideration. If they did not have the passion for their education they would have less desire to complete the course. As important as academic scores are, it may not be enough to display your interest in obtaining your education. Seeking for students that are passionate about learning of what interests them would benefit the school in having a positive community. It will bring dedication and determination in achieving the education they wanted. Responsibility is one of the greatest quality to have. Candidates who are involved in multiple organizations or events display the interest in being involved with the school and will positively represent the campus which would attract more future students. A position of responsibility proves that you are determined to succeed. Seeking for someone who participates in extra-curricular activities display the willingness to follow through the program and becoming an active member of the campus. Those who are involved regarding their course shows the amount of interest in making necessary efforts to succeed. The ability to work independently is an attribute that universities should look for. An independent student will help predict how they will perform during the time they plan to attend university. Having the confidence in your own judgment, leadership, and the ability to handle decisions independently is crucial. One of the benefits of being independent is you have the chance of achieving an outstanding performance during the time period spent in school. Not only will this benefit the individual but as well for the school. More people will want to attend the school because of the number of students who have excellent results. Lowering GPA requirements and look into attributes of the individual will benefit the students and the university for years to come.