This have stuck with me since it had happened, and I regret not doing anything. During science class, I witness something that I’ve never wanted to witness but unfortunately I did. A couple people were sat at the back of the room, but few rows down a guy sat alone. Once the teacher had given us instruction for our assignments, everyone started talking. Meanwhile, I heard someone in the back calling out comments that I was quite upset about. They were making fun of the guy in front of them. I did the wrong thing, and I ignored it and continued working. They were saying things such as, “You’re a loser, nobody likes you, go back to where you came from, how come you’re so fat.” It got to the point where he had moved to a different seat, which so happen to be the one beside me but that did not stop them.  Not only were they calling out rude and mean comments, they also were throwing scraps pieces of paper at him. My conscious wanted to say something and stand up for him, but I chose not to. I chose not to, because I was afraid. I was being selfish and thinking that they might victimize me if I did. Time past and it was almost time to go. They had seemed quite satisfied, yet they continue to throw in nasty statements. Including, “Go back to china!” and pulled their eyes outwards, making them look “Asian.” I was heartbroken, angry and upset. I’m Asian as well and I cannot imagine how my family would feel if they came across something like that, being thrown at their faces. As soon as the bell rang, he left so quickly that I did not see him after I passed the door into the hallway. I felt horrible going home, and I hated myself for not speaking up. I have not seen him since last year. Till this day, I still have it running through my mind, reminding me to not be afraid of telling the truth; otherwise, there will be huge consequences with no one but yourself.