“Meet” in Gastown fall in the categories of being a casual vegan restaurant, yet they serve up some delectable meals. Promptly after entering through the door the hostess approached, and treat us with a professional and friendly attitude, and lead us to our table. The seats may look uncomfortable, but they are cozy to where it is manageable. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of this place, giving you the vibe that you are at a picnic at a park. Everyone wants to know more about you, and comfortably establish a conversation. They have a rustic, fresh feel to the d├ęcor and interior, with an immense window allowing abundance of light, giving a sense of a very spacious place. Despite the fact of it is consistently packed full of people, there food is worth being there. They have a vast menu that will satisfy anyone. As we wait for our food to arrive, I can not help but notice the aroma of different dishes being delivered to the table. The rice and beans buried underneath a mountain of crisp cabbage paired with yams, drenched in their famous creamy cashew sour cream, giving it a kick of tangy-ness, coupled with the sweetness of the Pico de Gallo. This was quite a sizable meal, and me being a total foodie, it was not enough. Of course my sweet tooth kicked in. Ending the evening off with a warm crunch of raspberry, chocolate pecan crumble, paired with a light drizzle of stringy caramelized pecans. The price range is affordable, considering the amount of food being served in one meal. Meet has a meaningful memory that will forever be in my heart. This is where I announced to my family of being a vegan. It is one of those things that I am passionate about. With my family being meat lovers, they whole heartily accepted the lifestyle change. If you ever visit Gastown, Vancouver, make time, and go get yourself some “Meet”.