image-3For the survey project that Ms. Bolton had given out, Jeffrey and I did the project based on self esteem compared towards our future goals and jobs. The four question we had create are, do yo think is is essential of kids to plan out our future at our age? Do you think you are able to achieve your future goals? From a scale from 1-10 where do you placed your self esteem? Finally, have you consider attending collages or universities?

For sampling Jeffrey and i combined convenience sample with systematic sample together to get an accurate respond. The reason why Jeffrey and i did not use other types of sampling was because of the time frame that we had was limited and we were not able to do other types of sampling. another reason why we did not use other sampling method was we thought it was easier and and efficiently way to create a sampling method which is non-bias and accurate.
If we had decide the voluntary sampling, we would have to ask many of peers to attend to the survey, which can make the data that we collected bias. If we had decide the stratified sampling, we would have to pick out groups of students from ethnicity to nationality to collect our data, who makes the people who have similar attribute to respond similar to each other.

imageJeffrey and i used a convenience sample with a combination of Systematic sampling. Jeffrey and I walked around the school during lunch and after school, asking students from different grades and placing their answer with the same category of grades. Sarah and i thought that this is an efficient and easier way to collect data.

Although our question were personal to some people we found that most of the peers at our age have most of their life planned out, unfortunately we did find some students who had lower self esteem, and were  more pessimistic and students who had higher ratings of self esteem had more of an optimistic point of view. luckily, the most common rating of self esteem of our student attending riverside rated a 7. the average rating of the data was about 6.7, which meant majority of our student who are attending riverside are mostly optimistic and belief that they are able to achieve their future goals.

Jeffrey and i believe that our question were great but we believe that the outcome of the answer were sliding towards one side of the answer. Something that we can improve on is creating questions that have multiple answers.