This play is named “The Taming of the Shrew” written by William Shakespeare. My partner is Minji. She was responsible for taking the stop motion pictures while I was moving the Lego figures. In the end both Sarah and I worked on the audio and narration of the video. Inset is the main play, and the induction is the introduction of the main play. As the induction scene finished, the players that were on stage moved to the side. They prepared to watch the main play. The induction scenes of our play applied to “ The Taming of the Shrew.” “Sly” a character of the play begins to be mocked. Thus helping cool the audience down with a sense of comedy and entertainment. The inset began when the bed that “Sly” and “Page” were sitting on slid towards the side preparing themselves to watch the main play. The app used to help produce this video was “Stop Motion.” We would move the Lego figures with slight movements that would create a flow of action and scenes. After the filming of the video; we started to record the narration and voices. In order to record the audio, we downloaded an app called “Text to Speech” for different accents. For extra effects we included sound effects that helped present the play more engagingly. For example, when the players had knocked the door of the lord’s home; we included the sound of a knock on a wooden door. One of the challenges that we had experienced was working on the audio. We were not always able to fit the amount of narration and voices that we had originally prepared. Another challenge we were faced with was the process of moving the Lego figures. The Legos themselves were quite small and dainty thus making it quite difficult to keep them in place. By doing this project, it gave us more of an understanding and visual of the play.