In the book “Animal Farm” written by George Orwell, it consists of various propagandas in the book. As you examine this propaganda poster, it shows examples of four different techniques that were used; they are repetition, bandwagon, fear, and glitter generalities. Repetition takes place on the poster, because of the song, Beast of England, that was written to have the animals relate easily. The song was sung by the animals in the back, they are trying to bring others, who were experiencing abuse and cruelty from man-kind. That guarantees them freedom and hope if they choose to join the community of Animalism, and It also shows bandwagon. As the farm animals were at the back of the boar, Napoleon, this represents the fact that they were trying to engage all the youth animals, and to draw their interests to the new community. Glitter generalities were taken place with the slogan written across the bottom of the poster: “Join of Will Be Back”. Right below that banner, it says “Horror”, and with this it tries to conceive as many people from other places to fear without having to acknowledge what the consequences are, and this brings up fear, which was the last technique used on the poster. Fears within the poster listed at the very bottom, with blood and flames, has burn all the devices that man-kind has used to torture and abuse the animals at the farm. If the outside community do not join and unite, humans are going to extend the longevity of animals having to suffer cruelty and mistreatments.