Sarah Cheung

September 15th, 2015

English 9

Mr. Barazzuol

Graphic Novel Assignment – The Secluded Lot

  • Expositions


“I’d like to inquire about a lot,” the old man said, the effort of decisions evident in his voice. “At my age you never know…..” (Pg 115)

  • Rising action


“For some time, the old man stood, gazing off into the distance. “Am I allowed…” He hesitated, correcting himself. “Is the purchaser allowed to visit it at anytime?” (Pg 117)

  • Rising action


“This particular one had her puzzled. Undecided, she slipped into a box marked “Pending,” and the old man wondered what, under the circumstances, pending might mean.” (Pg 118)

  • Rising action


“On the other side of the thicket he was surprised to find Mr. Blake stooping over a high, square, white box, intent on fixing something. A bee circled slowly overhead, then dove for its target.” (Pg 119)

  • Climax


“Then it was that Mr. Jerome began to understand. The full implications left him aghast. There was no precedent for this in all cemetery history.

“How dare you operate a beehive in this cemetery?”

“It’s on my property. I purchased it, did I not?”

“No business such as this is allowed within this sanctuary.” (Pg 119)

  • Falling action


“Mr. Jerome, I have done you a great service. Your flowers have never been so magnificent or plentiful.” (Pg 120)

  • Falling action


“At that particular second Mr. Jerome was fully occupied, easing another attacker gently off the lapel of his serge suit. All his spare time would be devoted to a solution of Mr. Blake’s special problem. It must be illegal, he thought, with every intention of rushing back to the office to examine the small print.”(Pg 120)

  • Denouement


“The old man straightened and looked at him proudly. “Mr. Jerome I have reached an important decision: I should like to buy another.” (Pg 121)

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