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Astronomy Wonder Project

How does the science used in the movie “The Martian help us to understand what it would be like to colonize mars?


A great movie called “The Martian” has helped me come up with a wonder question about astronomy. I was interested in this question because I wanted to know what was scientifically accurate and fake about the movie.


At the start of the movie when they land on mars there is a large dust storm that made the movie dramatic, but I wasn’t so sure if the dust storms in the movie is so accurate. Dust storms on mars do occur with excessing winds of 100 mph. but that kind of wind pressure on the surface of mars is about 11 mph wind on earth because the atmosphere is so thin on mars. Its not going to have the same kind of energy to move large objects they way it was shown in the movie. So, the dust storms in the movie are inaccurate. If in the future humans were to colonize Mars, dust storms would not be a worry of destroying large objects.

Another event that really made me wonder during the movie was the techniques that were used in growing potatoes in Martian soil. The materials used in growing potatoes was a combination of his own excrement, water, and Martian soil. But would Martian soil be of any use? Research says the chemical content in the soil is possible. There are experiments going on right now using simulated Mars soils, and it indicates that it’s a very realistic idea.


I wanted to know if the habitat portrayed in the movie was realistic. Research says that it is very realistic and in fact NASA is considering attaching a Bigelow Aerospace module to the ISS. It will have a very similar design to the movie and serve the same purpose. If humans needed to colonize mars, modules are decent enough to live in for the first few years while in the preparation of colonizing.


Probably the most important part of surviving on mars is a source of water. Since there are no lakes, rivers, or oceans on the surface of Mars, and sending water from Earth would take more than nine months. Astronauts on mars must be able to generate their own water supply. In the movie, the crew that went to mars does not waste a single drop of sweat, tears and urine. The water recover system recovers and recycles water from every: urine, hand washing, oral hygiene and other sources. After it’s recovered the water is filtered and ready for use.


In conclusion, colonizing mars would be a very difficult task but not impossible. Scientists everyday are doing experiments and developing new ways for space travel and better ways to live in such a different environment. In the past week of my research I have found out that many accurate events in the movie “The Martian” has helped us to understand what it would be like to colonize mars. But even though there are some false events in the movie, it does create new ideas that might work.