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What I have learned about grade 9 fractions

a) Displayed on a number line

In this photo I made the denominators out of 3 and I put the positive and negative fractions where there are supposed to be placed.

b) How you compare fractions

In this photo I had to compare fractions. The first one I compared was the 4/7 vs the 6/7. the 6/7 was the bigger fraction. The second one I had to make the denominator the same and the compare them.

c) Adding and subtracting fractions (where at least one negative)

In the first example I had to multiply -5/6  by 2 so the denominator was 12. Now you can add the 2 fractions which are now -10/12 x 7/12. You will end up with -3/12. After you just have to reduce which will make it -1/4.

d) Multiplication and division of fractions (where at least one negative)

With multiplication all you have to do is “just do it”. As you can see in my first example I have 4/9 x -8/10. And all I did was multiply the numerators together and the denominators together. So I ended up with -32/90 and the final step was to reduce.