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WW1 Reflection #2

  1. Find evidence that reveals how happy soldiers were being in the war.
  2. What evidence do soldiers provide that reveals why they are fighting or what they are fighting for?
  3. What seems to be the morale of the soldiers during the different battles?
  4. How would you summarize Canada’s role over these major battles? (continuity or change?)


  1. “We are all in good health and happy as larks could not be better, & are looking forward to our return back to Canada.” Robus, Walter Thomas Letter: 1915 May 7th


“in France was Winnezeele near Hunvoorde & it was the best place we had been to we had six days rest their.” Howe, William John Letter: 1915 April 22nd


  1. “I tell you, Mother, it was great. If the Canadian people could only have seen their boys for a few hours there, going for the Fritzes like good fellows.” Cobourg World Letter: 1917 May 11th


From this quote it seems that Canada wants to show the world that they are strong and that the soldiers have pride in fighting for Canada.


  1. “I have seen these poor Belgians with their families it has made me think a lot of my three young ones the others two is not so bad as they are old enough to battle for themselves.” Howe, William John Letter: 1915 April 22nd


  1. Canada first came into the war because it was the law to support Britain. Canada started to become very important after every battle in the war. After the battle of Vimy Ridge they got reputation of being a great fighting force. This caused Canadian citizens to be prouder of its country. So, Canadas role during the role started out just to support Britain but after battles it changed to define what Canada is all about.

WW1 Reflection 1

To what extend did Canadians support the war?

From what I have learned from the PowerPoint is that Canadians fought alongside the British Army in France. Since Canada was a part of the British Empire it was the law to be included in the war. Canada also offered money and food to France and Britain. The young men in Canada had the opinion that war was a great opportunity because working on the farm was not exciting. “Most of us were young and saw it as a wonderful opportunity to throw off the shackles of working in an office or factory or on a farm or what have you.” Said Larry Nelson who was an enlistee from Toronto in 1914.


Elections/ Ways To Make Change Reflections


Ethical Judgement: What are some of the benefits and drawbacks of our current electoral system? How fair is it?

The benefits of our current electoral system are that we are voting for a representative from our area to be put into the federal government other than just having to vote directly for a Prime Minister who would just choose the representatives. This allows some areas to be represented by a certain party while others can be represented by some other party. A drawback to this is that not everyone is going to be pleased with the results or get who they wanted, also if their vote didn’t go towards the majority then their vote was not useful. I believe this system has some useful aspects to it like voting for a representative and not primarly just voting for a leader, but I also think that knowing some people will be  unhappy and their vote bascially just thrown is unfair because it really shows that if you are not voting for the winning party then there is no point in voting for the one you actually wanted to vote for. 

Ways to make change

Ethical Judgement: What benefits and drawbacks of each type of change (petitions, lobbying, civil disobedience) should you consider before using it?

There are three ways to make a change and these ways are, petitions, lobbying, and civil disobedience. Petitions are a request signed by the people who are of persuading authority. Petitions are benefical because it spreads awareness and it shows that many people also agree with the petition. A drawback of petitions is that the government does not even have to listen to their requests or take action in it. Lobbying is when an individual or a private interest group tries to influence the decisions of the government. This has a positive effect because most of the time they represent safety and health interest. A drawback is that lobbying is bias towards large wealthy companies. Civil disobedience is the refusal to obey with certain laws or to pay taxes and fines, as a peaceful form of political protest. This is beneficial because people learn the difference between what is right and wrong, but at the same time this can also be a major drawback because physical fighting can occur and will bring negative media to the cause. 


Naming Government

(Public Park) – municipal, controlled by local government. Gates park affects me because I play soccer and hangout with friends here.

(Bank) – Provincial and Federal, It is federal because the money is the same around Canada but it also makes it provincial because there are different banks in each province. This affects me because this is where i store my money.

(Bus/Transport) – It is federal because it is controlled by the federal minister of transportation. Transport affects me because it get me to and from places.

(Town Hall) – Municipal because this is where our local government and mayor has its office. This affects my life because they make the decisions for our city.

(Canada post) – Federal because Canada post delivers around entire country. This affects me because I can letters from other family members from other places.

Partner Paragraph

Friend Paragraph (Shad) 

         Shad is an all around extremely interesting person. Shad’s colour of choice is a very wise and vibrant colour which happens to be the colour of a very tasteful fruit called orange. Shad has a good taste in sports and in fact his favourite sport is basketball. Shad has no doubt about it that there is a 100% chance of aliens living in the universe. When Shad gets older his dream job is to be the best pro gamer that has ever lived. If Shad had the choice of food to eat he would go for the pho deliciously. So, what I am trying to say is that Shad is a very interesting person that I would recommend to meet and to talk to because he is extremely easily to relate to and have great conversations with.

Rube Goldberg Assignment

For our Rube Goldberg machine we decided we wanted the end result for a bell to be rung. Our Rube Goldberg machine started by having a car drive into a ball that then went bounced off a wall into a spiral. As the ball exits the spiral the ball will knock over some dominos. Those dominos will then tip over and hit a ball into a vertical plane. The ball will then knock over more dominos and the final domino will land on the bell and ring it.