Reflection #4 The Holocaust

(Ethical Judgement) In what ways does Sally Kohn’s TED Talk apply to the Holocaust? In what ways can it be applied to the increase of hate crimes reported during Covid-19? Is there a dangerous element of hate in our society today? If so, where does it exist and how do we remedy it? If not, why isn’t it dangerous?

After watching Sally Kohn’s TED Talk, I was able to find connections between the Holocaust and her speech. The first connection I made was when she talked about the scale and on one side it was the thought of one group was better than another group. This relates to the Nazis because the Nazis thought that they were better than everyone else. I also found the connection relatable to the Nazis when Kohn was talking about the kid Vickey and how everyone used to bully her, even the teacher and that relates to the Nazis because they believed that the things Hitler was doing was right. I have noticed that on the news people have been leaving hate messages on Chinese statues because people hate on China for COVID-19. I believe that there is a dangerous element of hate in our society today. I don’t think that there is a lot of hate in Canada but In the US the same issue of being racist towards black people has occurred again. I think that its not as bad in Canada because Canada is a very multicultural place which is great because we grow up in schools together and therefore we accept each other and treat everyone as equals.

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