Reflection #3: Canada at Battle

(Continuity & Change) How did Canada’s role in WWII battles change over time? Explain with reference to the sequence of battles Canada participated in.

After reading the textbook, Canadas role in early WW2 was similar to WW1. Their job was to send supplies to common wealth countries. But Canada’s role changed when the bombing of pearl harbour happened. Canada had sent two battalions to reinforce the British commonwealth forces in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, Canadian soldiers were inexperienced and were no match for the skilled Japanese soldiers. Canadians contributed to the war effort on all fronts. Over the course of the war, Canada expanded its navy and air force to help reinforce the Allies. Desperately short of equipment and personnel, Canada embarked on a massive building and training program so that by the end of the war, the RCN had grown to 400 vessels and more than 100 000 sailors. Canada also helped turn the tide. The RCN is credited with providing about half the escorts across the Atlantic. Canada built small warships called corvettes which escorted tonnes of cargo across the ocean. 14,000 Canadians soldiers landed at Juno beach to help at the battle of D-Day. They were successful and fought there way inland by about 9 kilometres. Canada had a huge part in WW2 with aiding Britain and other commonwealth countries with supplies while also training hundreds of thousands of soldiers to fight in the front lines.

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