Post WW1 Reflection #3

(Significance) Summarize what happened with Canada and the Chanak Crisis, Halibut Treaty, King-Byng Crisis, and the Statute of Westminster? Explain how much autonomy was gained by each?

The Chanak Crisis marked the first time that Canada did not automatically support Britain in a war. British occupation troops were threatened by nationalist Turks at a Turkish port. If Turkey were to regain control of this port, they would have clear access to Europe through the Black Sea. Canada gained autonomy because they didn’t ask Britain for help. Canada negotiated a treaty with the United States to protect halibut along the coasts of British Columbia and Alaska. When Britain tried to pressure King into letting their representative sign the treaty, King insisted that it was a matter between Canada and the U.S. He threatened to set up an independent Canadian representative in Washington, and Britain backed down. This was the first treaty negotiated and signed independently by the Canadian government. In 1926, Mackenzie King publicly challenged Britain over the role of the governor general. Since the King-Byng crisis, no Governor General has acted against the wishes of an elected prime minister. This event made Canada gain a great amount of autonomy because they were finally independent.

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