Post WW1 Reflection #2

(Continuity & Change) Look up some of the buildings being constructed in 1929, what do they look like today? Is there a construction boom today as well?

A great deal of building went on in Vancouver in 1929. The construction of the Marine building was a 25-storey beauty that would open in 1930. The Marine building today looks  exactly the same as it did in 1930. The only difference I can see is the photo taken in 1930 was in black and white. Another city landmark, the Royal Bank building at the northeast corner of Hastings and Granville. It is a 16-storey tower which began construction in 1929 and completed in 1931. Again, the building today looks the same at least on the outside. Vancouver Island continues construction boom. Total spending on residential construction rose 45 per cent across the Island to $698.2 million while non-residential increased 23 per cent to $108.6 million. So yes I would say there is a big construction boom.

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