Narrative Poetry Mood Interpretation

Paragraph on why we chose to design and make the book this way

For our project, the cremation of Sam Mcgee, we found that instead of using real props for our pictures, we decided to use a editing app that would help add props into the picture. our group used detail with are virtual props so that they look real to a children’s perspective.

For the slides, we choose a variety of colours showing the temperatures and mood in the writing. red, orange and yellow, dark blue, baby blue and aqua. E.G, in slide two we used baby blue because the weather was cold

Overall, I think that our group completed all of our individual tasks, we all had an even part in this project.

Paragraph written by Ben

One thought on “Narrative Poetry Mood Interpretation”

  1. Thank you for posting your flip book, retelling a narrative poem as a story using the FlipSnack technology. Here are my observations regarding your work:

    – Excellent job transferring methods of presentation (Google Slides > Flip Book > Embedded blog post)
    – Embedded properly on blog, solid description of the project included in the blog post
    – Book looks professional with a combination of both text and photos
    – Layout looks extremely professional with balanced photos, colour schemes, matching fonts, etc.

    Overall, I thought you did an outstanding job on this project!

    Thank you,

    Mr. Barazzuol
    COL Teacher

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