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Collaboration Fluency

Group Members: Andrea, Claire, and Theo.

Footage of The Race and Interviews:


Our Motto: Encourage Wild Ideas

The first step to successfully accomplishing the project was to create our group contract. We began by determining the strengths of each of our group members. Andrea’s strength was adaptability. She is able to adapt quickly to any situation or circumstance. Claire’s strength was time-management. She manages time well which helps us use our time wisely. Theo’s strength is creativity. As an artist, she thinks out of the box and can help use find new techniques to win. My strength is leadership. I took on the leadership role because I like to be a leader and help my team as much as possible. Next, we divided the work. Theo and Claire were racers. Andrea was the reporter and I was the timer. We made a few rules regarding our collaboration. They were:

  1. Try to give everyone an even amount of work to do. One person will not have to do all the work while the rest of the group members slack-off.
  2. Listen to each other’s ideas. Even if you don’t necessarily agree with that idea or vision, listen and take away the parts you like and find a way to add it to your project.
  3. Consider everybody’s ideas. This ties in with the second rule of respecting everybody’s ideas.

If these rules are not being followed, then the team member that doesn’t complete their part does not get marks for this assignment. On March 6th we completed all of our research and we raced on March 7th. Our initial goal was to try our best and win the fastest time in our block and that was exactly what we did!