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Small Actions, Big Differences


2 Things I did Well

  1. I added quotes that were relevant and helped support my argument. I selected the right quotes and integrated them at appropriate times.
  2. My essay was very organized and well-structured. Ideas were separated and the format of the essay was correct.

 2 Things I Want to Improve

  1. I did have a lot of vagueness, “Deadwood” and repetition that I would like to cut out next time.
  2. I would like to add some more creativity to my introduction, hook, and conclusion. I definitely need to add a more interesting hook to make it more attention-grabbing.

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How can one make a positive impact on others?

How can one make a positive impact on others?

In the movie The Odd Life of Timothy Green, directed by Peter Hedges, Timothy Green (a young boy) walks into the lives of a couple who desperately wanted to have kids but couldn’t. The couple writes down features that they want their dream kid to have and puts the papers in a box. They plant the box in the garden. A storm comes, and the couple is aroused by Timothy knocking on their door. They take him in and raise him. Timothy meets the entire family shortly after. However, because Timothy comes from the garden, he is not like most children. He has leaves on his lower legs. As time goes by, Timothy’s leaves slowly fall off and once they fall off he disappears. During Timothy’s time with Mr. and Mrs. Green, he made a large positive impact on others around him. Timothy gets bullied at school and the bullies get punished while being taught that it is not acceptable to pick on others. Timothy falls in love with a girl at the school. While she shows him around town, he shares his love for nature with her. He gets her outside and in the sun whenever he can. Timothy shows her a beautiful side of the world beyond the walls in our homes. One day, Mrs. Green’s uncle is rushed to the hospital. He requests to spend his last minutes with Timothy because he knows that he can make him smile and laugh. In addition, when Mr. Green told Timothy that the pencil factory that he worked at was on a tight budget and had the possibility of shutting down, Timothy asked if he could make a new type of pencil. That got Mr. Green thinking and so he created the leaf pencil which was inspired by Timothy. The new pencil saves the factory, but Mr. Green’s boss tries to take credit for Timothy’s idea. Timothy shows everyone his leaves as proof that his dad invented the pencil. People are shocked once they see his leaves, but Mr. and Mrs. Green show them how accepting they have been of Timothy and the others do the same. Eventually, Timothy’s leaves fall off and he disappears. Humans want to help others, feel useful and needed.  This movie shows that we can make a positive impact on others in so many ways by being kind to everyone, taking initiative and not being idle.