Year End Reflection

What are some things you have learned and/or tasks you have accomplished this year? (Use videos, pictures, upload materials, etc. as evidence of learning)

In the first semester, I have learned about the DiVi Builder Plugin, Micro; Bits, and improving student engagement on the Rapid Event Instagram page. Over the course of the second semester, I continued to work with the Social Media, Community, and Connection Team to keep students involved with the school, despite the current remote learning circumstances. Lastly, I have become more comfortable with using features on Microsoft Word by completing the Time Capsule.

As I have previously reflected on my accomplishments from September-January at the end of the first semester, I will be focusing on my accomplishments from January until June in this blog post. For an in-depth explanation of what I learned from the DiVi Builder Plugin and Micro; Bits as well as to view a thorough description of what I have accomplished on the Rapid Event Instagram page, click here.

This semester, I was able to continue with posting the Throwback Thursday posts on the Rapid Event Instagram page (see the images below). Additionally, by completing the Time Capsule on Microsoft Word, I became familiar with a few features on the application that I have never used before, such as…

I have learned how to put borders around my images.
I learned how to edit the colors/borders of text boxes.

What aspects of your group project/task were successful? Explain why.

The Social Media Team did a great job of keeping students involved with the school during these current remote learning circumstances. As we had to switch to remote learning for the second semester, Rapid Event’s Instagram page became even more important in order to retain student engagement with the school. The Social Media Team was able to collaborate with the leadership students to ensure that there is an interesting post/contest every weekday. On Mondays, we had Senior Shoutouts where graduating students had the opportunity to send in videos of themselves answering a few questions about their experience at Riverside. On Tuesdays, we had Take Over Tuesdays, where a teacher would take over the Instagram story and show us a part of their day! The leadership students made incredible Wake-Up Wednesday videos that promoted school spirit from home. On Thursdays, we continued with the Throwback Thursdays. Lastly, contests were held on Fridays. Students were given the opportunity to participate in a positivity photo challenge, a cooking challenge, and an art contest. This posting schedule was successful in keeping students engaged with the school community. It gave students something to look forward to every day.

Here are the Throwback Thursday pictures I posted this semester:

What aspects of your group project/task were challenging? Explain why.

I found that my group’s task did not face any major challenges this semester. We were able to adapt quickly and well to remote learning and we were easily able to sort out any issues that arose in our meetings. However, there was one persistent issue we faced. When everyone was only getting used to remote learning, most people were not turning on their cameras for class. We wanted more people to turn on their cameras during class to improve student engagement and to try to replicate the classroom environment. This was difficult because most students did lessons while being in bed and were not ready to be seen on camera.

What steps did you take to overcome these challenges / what adjustments did you need to make?

To overcome this challenge, we brainstormed ideas of contests that can be done. For example, we talked about having a sort of false impression contest where a student would show their presentable top while wearing pajama pants on the bottom. Although, we came to the conclusion that it is highly unlikely that many students will participate in these class contests and cameras will remain off. Instead, we decided to dedicate our efforts to further engage students on the Rapid Event Instagram and we put more contests on there instead.

As Riverside continues to immerse itself into innovation and technology, and distance remote learning continuing to be a possibility, what do you think Riverside can do to provide support and help for teachers and students? How can the Tech Team be more effective? (Provide specific examples)

As Riverside continues to immerse itself into innovation and technology and with remote learning continuing to be a possibility, I believe that Riverside has set up a solid support system for teachers and students. As we already have The Wave – Family of Schools Tech Support set up and a digital Wave on Microsoft Teams for the school, I believe that there is not much more that can be done as many people do not use these support teams. Although, as I was looking at the Riverside Secondary Youtube, I noticed we had a few Tech Support videos, but not many. If we can add more videos about how to use certain features onĀ  Microsoft Teams/OneNote, that would be useful to students who have difficulty with such applications. However, as I mentioned earlier, many people are not asking for tech support, and therefore I believe that we have done a good job ensuring that everyone who needs help is assisted.

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