Poetry Based Project

What are some of the things that we can do to help those that have been impacted by a current or previous conflict?

We can do a few things to help those that have been impacted by a current or previous conflict. First, we can maintain a positive attitude. It is easy to get caught up in a negative mindset. Over time, a pattern of negative thinking can cause tremendous stress, worry, or sadness. If we can approach situations or circumstances with a positive attitude, we can help others see the positivity in their situation. Nothing is permanent and the conflict will end soon. Many of us need to simply be reminded of that. Secondly, we must listen to those who have endured/are enduring the conflict. Speaking to someone else about what’s going on or how you’re feeling can be very healing, especially if the other person has gone through or is going through the same situation. It helps to know that someone understands your conflict. Lastly, we can show them support. Knowing that you have people who support you reduces a great deal of stress and anxiousness. Studies have also shown that having a strong support system helps to increase our mental-well being.

What is the message you’re trying to get across?

In this poetry-based project, we were given the chance to display some positivity during the COVID-19 pandemic in our community using poetry. I believe that my actions and poems have demonstrated a sense of unity. Especially since we are all at home, it can be easy to feel alone during this stressful time.  My methods of sharing the poems presented a message that it doesn’t matter if you are in quarantine with your family, your dog, or just yourself, we are all experiencing this together. We can help each other stay positive during this pandemic by doing small actions (such as calling a friend) that mean a great deal.

What did you do to persuade the audience to agree with your position? 

For this project, I have worked with Lucy. To persuade the audience to agree with our position, we decided to write and find poems that display a sense of unity. We then presented them in creative ways so they could have the greatest impact on the local community.

We chose to display our poems in two ways:

1) By hanging them up at the boards on the Pitt Meadows Dyke Trail System.

Lucy’s Poem on the Trail

Read Lucy’s poem here:

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My poem on the trail
My poem on the trail (2) 
My poem on the trail (3)

Read my poem here:

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2) By driving around slowly between 6:45 pm and  7:15 pm ( 15 minutes before and after the 7 pm Healthcare Workers Cheer) around my neighborhood playing the poem we found loudly through the car stereo system while holding a poster displaying the title of the poem.

Creating the poster
 Preparing the poem


Getting ready for the drive at 6:45 pm

Download the video of the poem playing aloud here: IMG_1273.TRIM

Lucy driving around in her neighborhood

How and why we made the choices we did 

We chose this topic because we are aware that many people (including ourselves!) miss their friends as they are not allowed to see them in-person at the moment. In addition to these quarantine restrictions, doing school online can be very isolating. Students are now spending their entire days in front of a computer screen and cameras are off for the majority of classes. This creates a large toll on our social generation. By writing and finding poems that show togetherness shows that we are not as alone as we may feel.

We decided to hang our poems up at the Pitt Meadows Dyke Trail System because Lucy and I both live near the trail and go there frequently. In addition,  trail systems are one of the few places that remains open despite the pandemic. Since quarantine began, I have been using the trail systems much more often and we have noticed that others have been doing the same. We felt that if we displayed our personal poems on the boards, they would get more opportunities to be read by members of the community.

For the poem that we found online, we decided to display it during the time of the 7 pm Healthcare Workers Cheer because that is when most people will be outside and the poem will have the most impact at the time. We chose to drive around with the poem playing from the car stereo system to add a little bit of fun into people’s day. Everyone loves to dance to a good song, especially when there is an even better message behind it. I added the poster because I wanted to show that the slow drive was intentional as well as add a visual aspect.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this project and I am glad I was able to put some positivity into the world during this pandemic using poetry. During my drive around, I saw so much unity in my community and it was truly an incredible experience.

Lucy’s Blog Post


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