Oh, the Places you’ll Go!


You have made it

Made it through the days of hardest work

The days that go day-night day-night

With no weekend in sight

You have experienced the pounding in your heart

As you go from dawn to dark,

Dwelling on the events to come

You have got so far

But this is not the end



To a new beginning

A new era

A fresh start

A clean slate of an unfortunate fate


Grandma says “doctor”

Mama says “lawyer”

Papa says “teacher”

College, University, go! Faster!

Do this, do that

No, not that!

Don’t you ever listen?

You’re an idiot! What a child!

Failures are money down the drain

God, you’re such a pain

You’re never going to make it

So, don’t give me that bullshit



Going from study group to soccer practice

To staying up all night in hopes of finishing a five-page paper

By midnight

Only to realize there is no end in sight

Where am I going with this? What am I doing with myself?

I don’t belong here

This is not how it was supposed to be

I was supposed to be free


Soon, you realize what felt like an eternity

Went by in the blink of an eye

And with all the hardships you have endured

You’ve pushed through and made it

Yet again



You’ve done your time

And now you must move on

What you thought was so difficult wasn’t after all

Everything that you have been through has made you the person you are today

The person you are now

Now, go with no fear

And don’t shed a tear

Because you were meant to be here

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