Rube Goldberg

In this assignment we built a rube Goldberg machine that completed the task of taking a picture, we used house hold items, cardboard and other general objects you can easily find to build the machine. The purpose of this machine was to have different energy conversions to help understand our unit of energy. We visualized and explained the machine in our explanation video alongside expanding on the energy transfers. We had many kinetic to kinetic, kinetic to gravitational and also electrical to kinetic alongside others to reach our final goal of hitting the phone and taking a picture.

Wonder astronomy project

1. In order to research my topic, I needed to search up how galaxies expand and how the Big Bang created space. I also researched what happened with the matter in the universe – does it just spread out or does more get created. With this I was able to find sources which gave me information about the expansion of space and how it started. I also found different informations about the expansion of galaxies within.
2. I attempted to narrow all my searches to government and education sites on google and destiny and then took down all the key points and put it in the PowerPoint. I found my video on YouTube which explained my project with detail. I then connected it to the edublog.
3. In order to create this presentation I researched various ideas and questions and found many sources which I then narrowed down to 4 which I found key points in and turned it into a PowerPoint.
4. I made sure that the sources were on verified cites used for education or government owned to get the most accurate information I could.
5. I think that I could I explained each idea a little deeper and maybe expanded my idea to connect to other ones which go deeper into the expansion of our universe but overall I think I learned a lot from just researching and going over differencpt sources and just using my own words to create the presentation from what I had read.

Science 10H – Data visualisation – Alcohol consequences

I used a mix of graphs and picture models to show what alcohol has done to people and how this substance can ruin peoples lives.

I used this way to show my data because its informative with visuals and conveys the message without much reading. Children and teens will notice it because there are pictures which show very clearly what happens to people who drink alcohol.

Drinking alcohol is like ingesting poison. It damages your liver and takes away your self control. People all over the world get addicted to this poison and some drink so much that it affects the way they think. This could result in car accidents, harming someone or yourself unintentionally and getting into fights. Lots of these outcomes could result in death of yourself or someone around you due to your unclear thinking. Alcohol damages your liver and causes people to get liver disease which could lead to death. This disease has affected many people and has shortened their lives due to this avoidable disease.