Science 10H – Data visualisation – Alcohol consequences

I used a mix of graphs and picture models to show what alcohol has done to people and how this substance can ruin peoples lives.

I used this way to show my data because its informative with visuals and conveys the message without much reading. Children and teens will notice it because there are pictures which show very clearly what happens to people who drink alcohol.

Drinking alcohol is like ingesting poison. It damages your liver and takes away your self control. People all over the world get addicted to this poison and some drink so much that it affects the way they think. This could result in car accidents, harming someone or yourself unintentionally and getting into fights. Lots of these outcomes could result in death of yourself or someone around you due to your unclear thinking. Alcohol damages your liver and causes people to get liver disease which could lead to death. This disease has affected many people and has shortened their lives due to this avoidable disease.

Math inquiry project

I believe that all my research has made me think about everyday life in a different perspective and wonder how we could use speed to find a way to travel in time or to speed up the way we do things on earth and maybe even travel to different universes. My inquiry question has made me think of other questions so I have lots of other inquiry questions and other things that my mind can wonder about.

Desmos math portrait

1. For all my equations I put in the formula and then put in numbers accordingly. If there was a shape I couldn’t get, I just added numbers to all parts of the formula and tried to find out which part changed the shape how I wanted.
2. I am not the best artist so I decided to make a stick figure to make it look somewhat accurate
3. I did not use all the different equations but I used most of them
4. I used different forms of the equations I used and some transformations

Home cooking lab #2

My recipe for eggs was very accurate and perfect. There was a perfect amount of tomatoes and onions rationed out to the eggs. I could have put a little more salt but overall it had the perfect amount of everything and the mixture was perfect. I need to work on my ability to flip omelettes as it broke a little bit as I was flipping it but the taste was great.

Link to recipe,412942/