Wonder project – Is it possible for humans to travel at the speed of light?

I’ve always been interested in space so I decided to make this project about the possibility of humans travelling at the speed of light. According to my research, all sources say it isn’t possible to travel at the speed of light. Along with this research I also discovered some new things that I didn’t know about. As the speed climbs up of an object, it’s mass increases. Any energy that you put into an object just increases the mass and doesn’t do anything to the speed. Mass and energy are the same thing when it comes down to this theory. This increase in mass is only noticeable if the object is moving very fast and one of the reasons that it is impossible to obtain the speed of light is that the mass of the object would have to be infinity. Time dilation is a theory which explains that time for objects moving very fast is slowed. According to this theory, if you traveled at the speed of 90% of 186,000 miles per second which is the speed of light, your time time would be halved. Some other effects would be that you see a small window like tunnel because of the photons that seem to go forwards. This tunnel will seem blue because of stars crowding together which is an example of the Doppler effect. As you go faster, the Doppler effect becomes stronger until the colour goes off of the visible spectrum or a faded black. Another thing that would happen if you could get an object to the speed of light is that the length would shrink to zero. The length can be calculated by dividing the proper length by the Lorentz factor. If you were the object travelling at the speed of light, you would not get squished and time would tick normally, but if you were watching then you would be able to see and measure the difference. In this theory, everything including time is relevant. In conclusion, I learned that the reason which is making it impossible to travel at the speed of light is that the faster you go, the mass gets bigger and at the speed of light, the mass would be infinite. I also learned the side effects of traveling almost as fast as light and how you would see time compared to others.

Video explaining how fast light travels and how we could use light in the future: 

Bibliography and research:

ADL10 information fluency
1. The questions that I had to research were: Will humans ever be able to travel at the speed of light? Why can’t we travel at the speed of light? What is time dilation? How does Einstein’s theory of relativity explain this? What are the side effects of traveling at the speed of light?
2. I used google to find my sites and I also tried to use the TED app for videos. I couldn’t figure out how to embed videos from TED so I used YouTube. I figured out how to embed a video in edublogs and how to embed my word document in edublog as well.
3. To investigate this topic I researched a lot of different questions and found a lot of interesting sites which I narrowed down to 3 sites. Lots of the sites had the same information and that helped me verify that the information was accurate. For the video I looked on TED and YouTube and I picked the most interesting video and used it.
4. I double checked the information with other sources to verify the information and I put all the citations and sources in one word document which I put above.
5. I liked the process because I could research something that interested me and I had fun learning about it. If we had more time I could have dug deeper and found more information about how we can use light speed in the future. Also maybe I could have made more small questions to answer which would contribute to my big question.

7 thoughts on “Wonder project – Is it possible for humans to travel at the speed of light?

  1. Good Job Sahir!
    I really liked the detail you included in this, I Love the topic you chose, the way you described it, it really makes sense
    Nice Work!
    – Emily Shannon 🙂

  2. Good job Sahir!
    Your question is really interesting and I can tell you put alot of time and effort into your research. The picture and video you included are really cool!
    – Kameko Hall

  3. Interesting idea!
    Showing the concept in scientific and mathematical terms, as well as the examples, really helped me understand your research.
    – Emma

  4. Great thought!
    I liked the concept and the research involved to prove it. Loved the picture, it was really cool and I learnt today why it’s not possible to travel at speed of light.

  5. Thanks for your science wonder post. I appreciate how you have successfully asked and answered good questions and acquired and analyzed key information. I like the media you included as it gives a great picture of your wonder topic. Also, thanks for including your notes. It gives me a window into your research process.

  6. Great summary Sahir! You covered a breadth of material (much of which is covered over many days in my Physics 11 class) and you were able to explain complex concepts so clearly. Its too bad we can’t travel at the speed of light, because, as you have described here, some cool things start to happen when you do!

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