Week 12- Absolute Value Functions

One of things we learnt this week is how adding absolutes “signs” will change an equation and a graph. Above are two examples one a linear and one a parabola and you can see the different between the equation with and with out absolute “signs”. You can see how the output or the y-value cannot […]

SA:V Ratio

1 cm cube Smallest one was most effective because it has less volume so has to suck up less. Surface area, temperature, are factor that determine how materials diffuse into cells. When they grow volume also grows so diffusion is less effective. 5:2 would have maximum diffusion Bacteria is just one cell they can divide […]

Protein Synthesis Model

Describe the process of translation: initiation, elongation, and termination. Initiation: The ribosome holds the mRNA and reads the start codon, thats when the process first “initiates” Elongation: The ribosome moves along the mRNA, reads each codon and brings the complimentary tRNA. The amino acid chain grows. Termination: The ribosome reads a stop codon, and since there […]

Week Three: Absolute Value

“The absolute value of a real number is defined as the principal square root of the square of number.” Which means the absolute value of a real number is the square root of a squared number. The absolute value of  a number is its distance from zero (0) on a number line. This ignores the “+” […]

DNA and Protein Synthesis-1

Explain the structure of DNA- use the terms nucleotide, anti parallel strands, and complimentary base pairing DNA is made up of molecules called nucleotide. Each nucleotide contains a phosphate group, a sugar group and a nitrogen base. The four types of nitrogen bases are adenine, thymine, guanine and cytosine. The order of these bases is […]

Action potential and Synapse function

  What is a neuron? A neuron is a basic unit of the brain, it is a specialized cell designed to pass on information to other nerve cells, muscle cells, or gland cells. Most neurons have a cell body, an axon, dendrites and a Merlyn Sheath. Axons transfer and carry signals to other neurons and […]