Week 18

Top 5 Things I Learnt in Pre-Calc 11 Cosine Law Useful for every triangle Easy to use Parabolas Always wondered how they looked on graph Interesting and “fun” with absolute values Arithmetic Sequences How to find n amount of terms Found this very interesting and easy I liked learning this because it could also be […]

Week 16

One thing we learnt this week is how to use the sine law, it can only be used if there is an angle and its opposite. And it is also super easy to use and remember which is why I love it. A tip is to flip the equation if you are looking for an […]

Week 12- Absolute Value Functions

One of things we learnt this week is how adding absolutes “signs” will change an equation and a graph. Above are two examples one a linear and one a parabola and you can see the different between the equation with and with out absolute “signs”. You can see how the output or the y-value cannot […]