Words to live by

You can’t spell CHAllenGE without Change

I really like this quote mostly because its so true, a lot of the time when I am given a task for example homework and I have a lot sometimes I tend to give up. But then I think about how I want to go into medicine in the future and so I think to myself, sure its a lot and it might be challenging to get through but im going to have to change my ways so I can step up to the challenge. And if I change my ways maybe it won’t be so challenging after all. There are going to be many challenges in life and sometimes to concur them we have to change.

I put this picture of my little sister because one she means a lot to me and two I have seen her grow and step up to challenges in so many ways. In our family there are 4 girls and we are all older than her by a lot so seeing her trying to keep up with us and try to do the things we do being 13-7 years older than her is quite “inspiring”

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