Book Review-All The Light We Cannot See- Anthony Doerr

We are reading All the Light We Cannot See, a novel written by Anthony Doer, this book is written in two difference perspectives and different times in the lives of these characters. Sometimes you are with a blind French girl and sometime you are in the story with a German orphan. And although these characters’ countries are not allies and they are very different you can still see that everyone goes through very rough times, and has to make rough decisions and sacrifices.

Personally I found this book a little hard to read at times, so while I read I have to make sure I know exactly when the events are happening, because most of the story is written as a flashback. But sometimes it will go to “current time” and sometimes it will be in a random persons view. But other than that I think this novel has a very good story and its a creative and smart way to write the novel. 

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