Engineering Brightness Artifacts of Learning

                                 Engineering Brightness Artifacts of Learning                                                Sabrina Sharifzada     For the past month and a half we have been working on a project called Engineering Brightness. Our class has been divided into groups and each group has been working very hard on raising awareness and responding to light poverty in various ways. My […]

How do cells multiply

                         How do cells multiply                                         Sabrina Sharifzada The Cell Cycle: The cell cycle is what cells go through in order to create more cells. The cell cycle has 3 stages which are interphase, mitosis and cytokinesis. Interphase: This is the first and the longest stage in the cell cycle. In this stage the cell grows […]

First Peoples Principles of Learning

First Peoples Principles of Learning                                    Sabrina Sharifzada     The two aspects in the First Peoples Principles of Learning that I am going to connect to, are interconnectedness and sustainability. In beginning of the year, me and my class participated in the SSEP project which was a project that we got to choose a experiment and […]

Mutation Story

Mutation Story           By: Sabrina Sharifzada Part 1 Hello I’m Rose, I am also known as Cystic Fibrosis and my host’s name is Ashley. So I, Cystic Fibrosis am in Ashley’s body. Ashley has me because both of her parents had a defective gene in them which she inherited. In other words both of your parents would need […]

Engineering Brightness Reflection #1

Engineering Brightness Proposal By: Sabrina Sharifzada For the past few weeks our class has been working on a project called “Engineering Brightness”. Engineering Brightness is a project where students make flashlights to help people in other communities going through light poverty. We had a skype chat with Eladio and Dennis (two staff members of a […]