How does one resist injustice?


I think that the best way one could fight injustice is by standing up for themselves. However sometimes people/citizens can’t stand up for themselves if what they want is from the government or someone that is more powerful. For example when that Muslim minority in Myanmar stood up for themselves, the military slaughtered and burned down their homes because all they wanted was freedom and rights. If standing up for yourself is not a option, then another way to fight back injustice is by having a positive mindset and also hope. However to have hope you need motivation which is also another key factor in fighting against injustice. In the book Parvana’s Journey by Deborah Ellis, Parvana loses her father on their way to find the rest of her family during the war in Afghanistan. However, Parvana doesn’t lose hope since she dreams a better life with her family, which motivates her to push through obstacles and not give up. I think one can fight injustice by creating strong bonds and friendships with people who are going through the same troubling events as you. That way you have someone to understand the perspective you are coming from. When you have people to talk to you will feel less stressed or lonely. For example on her way Parvana meets someone that she can share her problems and inner pain with.


What type of injustice?

What would the world be like in there was no injustice?

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