Current from the Kitchen

Currents from a Kitchen


The apple will create the most electric voltage because it’s sweet and doesn’t contain a lot of juice.


We experimented on 3 types of fruits which was an orange, green apple and a yam. We did have a mandarin orange but we left that out because it would get all messy, but instead of the mandarin orange we used a different orange.

Type of fruit or vegetable Voltage (3v)
Yam It went two segments forward from the zero
Apple It went two segments forward from the zero
Orange It went two segment forward from the zero

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We noticed that the higher voltages caused the pointer to go backwards from zero. I observed that everything in a circuit has to be in some way connected in order to work. We didn’t have the lightbulb hooked up to the circuit because we hooked it up to the volt meter. We just pushed the nail and the wire into the fruits without cutting it open.


If your bulb doesn’t glow, why not?

  •  The bulb may not be working
  •  There may be something wrong with the circuit.
  •  not enough voltage given to light a light bulb

What is causing electrons to flow in this experiment?

  • The voltage is the amount of energy and pressure it gives for the electrons to move in the circuit.
Basically our most important finding was that all of fruits or vegetables gave the same voltage. My prediction was partly correct because it did give a voltage but they all gave the same amount. If we did is again, I wonder if we used lemon or lime in our experiment what voltage that would give.

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