Innovation Project Electricity unit

Intro – Our class was tasked with identifying and creating a solution for a problem using a circuit. This was to show our understanding of electricity and circuits after we had learned about them. In addition to creating a circuit we based our process on the 6 D’s of solution fluency. The 6 D’s being, define, discover, dream, design, deliver, and debrief.

Define and Discover – Our group started by defining the problem and brainstorming ideas for problems to create solutions for. We all came up with all sorts of ideas like a voice activated house, automatic fish feeder, life alert, and so many more. We categorized our ideas by how large scale they were. My group decided to choose a smaller scale problem because it would be easier to build from and modify. Ultimately my group chose to create a sensor to monitor the water level of a fish tank which would set off an alarm if there was a leak.




Dream – For the dream stage I had a vision in my head for what the sensor would look like and how it worked. I played with the simulations in my head of what would happen if the fish tank the sensor was attached to leaked. We all had similar ideas and started to think of things that we wanted the sensor to do and how.Dreams: Causes, types, meaning, what they are, and more






Design and Deliver – Our group chose to code a micro bit since we needed a sensor and we did not know how to make one without code. We ran into our first problem when we found no way to code a visual sensor. We asked the teacher what we could do in replacement and thus the light sensor was born. It took some time and teamwork, but we eventually got our finial product. Our collaboration led us to making a sensor that detected the levels of light in the tank, if the light level exceeds 100 an alarm would go off and lights would start flashing. If the light level dropped back below 100 the alarm and lights would be silenced and shut off.

Reflection – I want to write a reflection to summarize my thoughts on this project and things I would do differently if I were to do this project again. I think the project itself was a good way to blend different aspects of learning together. I enjoyed this project because I like coding and the concept of what we had to do was interesting. If I were to redo this project, I would take more notes for the brainstorming process and the designing process.

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Water Quality Testing

Introduction – Recently My class went on a field study to test the water quality of the Coquitlam river and the Oxbow pond as a part of our spheres unit. Testing the water quality of the river and the pond ties into our study of the hydrosphere, which is one of the four spheres. Our objective was to find out how healthy the river and the pond are. Water quality is tested on the amount of dissolved oxygen, the amount of nitrates, the water temperature, the total amount of dissolved solids, the pH balance of the water, the amount of phosphates in the water, and the water turbidity.  Another way we tested the water quality was by recording the invertebrates we found in bodies of water.


The Coquitlam River – Our results from testing the river showed that the water quality is good and a healthy environment for aquatic animals. We found out that the amount of dissolved oxygen was optimal as well as the number of nitrates found in the water. The amount dissolved oxygen in water its he most important factor for determining the overall water quality. We found a mayflies and mayfly larvae, we also found stoneflies and damselflies. The invertebrates that we found also Indicated that the water quality was good, since they are not tolerant to polluted water. The poorest scoring factor for the Coquitlam River was its pH balance.

The Oxbow Pond – The pond had a good overall water quality index, however it scored significantly less than the river. The levels of dissolved oxygen were great so were the levels of nitrates. The amount of phosphates found in the water would be considered low for good water quality. On the off hand the pH level scored higher than what I expected it to be. The pH balance is the second most important factor in water quality behind dissolved oxygen. The invertebrates that we found in the pond indicated that the water quality was average. We found two water pennies, two dragonfly larvae, three rifle beetles, and a lot of small fish. Which are all part of appendix 2, which is the invertebrates that are able to tolerate more polluted water.

Reflection – Through this activity I learned about the different types of invertebrates and the effect of the water quality on the aquatic food chain. I enjoyed this chance to do hands on learning and going out for a field study. I think the experience helped me understand the material better and understand the importance of what we were learning about. I found it cool to be able to do a “mock” version of what scientists actually do for a living, and being able to be engaged with the environment around us.

Digital Footprint

Managing your digital footprint | The University of Edinburgh

How might your digital footprint affect your future opportunities? Give at least two examples?

Your digital footprint is something that affects your future for a variety of important things, such as applying for jobs and applying for schools and colleges. A positive digital footprint can support you in future opportunities and a bad one could ruin them. People will most likely search your name up to see what you are like and how you behave, like how you act around friends and how you act towards other people online as well. Goofy fun pictures with your friends can mean you are a sociable person or it could mean you are perceived as not serious person !

Top ideas to have fun with friends – Flux Magazine

Describe at least three strategies that you can use to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe.

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The 5 Best Alternatives to Facebook Ads in 2020

1. Keep your account private unless you know you are okay with it being public. Adding on to that, try took keep your viewing audience people you know and trust to make sure your information stays safe.

2. Know what the privacy policy is on whatever platform you are on.

3. Keep safe is to always keep in mind that your digital footprint has an impact on your future. Actively reflecting on what you want to do / post can make you rethink what you want to upload is okay.

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What information did you learn that you would pass on to other students? How would you go about telling them? 

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I learned that even if you don’t actively post or comment, platforms still collect data, whether you are aware or not. I will share this information through this project and in open discussions with my classmates, friends and family. As well as educating my younger cousins on this subject .


[photos: Managing Your Digital Footprint – The university of Edinburgh, Top Ideas to Have Fun with Friends – Flux magazine, Settings – Pixababy (, The 5 Best Alternatives to Facebook Ads in 2020 – Mobidea, 84 Pause Reflect Photos –, Group of women talking characters –]