The Friday that everything changed
1)The boys are mad because they think  that carrying the water is a “Real job” and that girls don’t deserve real jobs
2)They exclude the girls from everything the boys do like softball games
3) The story is being told from the view of the girls. They never had any courage to ask to do the task. The point of view is  limited omniscient and like a movie camera.
4) The setting is person vs society because the story is bout woman rights and iits a problem in our society today. The boys wouldn’t let the girls do tier job simply because fo their gender.
5) The protagonist is  Alma because she is the defendant in the conflict
6) The message Mrs Ralston was trying to give was simple. By having the girls take the water 2 weeks In a row, it shows  that girls can do the same job as boys and that gender means nothing

Vocabulary :

Galvanized : Zinc metal material, bucket

Remotest : barely. not very much, hardly any

Intoxicated : when you inhale toxins, drink alcohol or drugs

Ominous : something bad will happen

supplementary : Extra or multiples of one thing

forlomy no description

earnestly : sincerity of feeling

gloating : cocky, selfish, rubbing in peoples faces

transfixed : terror , shock

piuoretting dancing


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